Part I in a series of opinion articles about what is still missing in healthcare for it to become truly patient-centered.

“Charted” by mag3737 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

A year into this pandemic, most of us are still living, loving, and grieving daily in front of our screens. Videoconferencing, a technology that has reliably existed for casual consumer use for almost 15 years, became a mainstay for “telecommuting” and a powerful instrument of presence in palliative care. Videoconferencing has kept people connected with loved ones stranded in managed care facilities and helped with final goodbyes in ICUs. “Screen time,” previously linked to a sedentary life, eye strain, depression, and self-harm (and much more), is now our “family time,” or “partner time” or “friend time.” …

Marientina Gotsis

Artist, designer, technologist, academic, patient (in no particular order).

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