• Joe Spradley

    Joe Spradley

  • James Wiley

    James Wiley

  • Ari Mostov

    Ari Mostov

    At the intersection of Health and Entertainment

  • Joseph Olin

    Joseph Olin

  • Kate Green Tripp

    Kate Green Tripp

    Writer / Editor. Senior Manager @ Medium. I chase ideas and shape stories about health, science, culture, and innovation. Mostly, I belong outside.

  • Paola Morales

    Paola Morales

    Master of Public Administration Student at the University of Southern California. Politics | Communication | Public Policy (She/Her/Ella)

  • Vicky


    There’s no age defined to stop learning new things, Always keep exploring | Talent Acquisition Head at Feeding Trends (https://feedingtrends.com/)

  • Stacy Davies

    Stacy Davies

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